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Donsö Maritime Training Centre, carries out all Management and Simulator training. Here you will find courses such as BRM, MRM, BTM, ERM, ERS (Engine-Room Simulator Training) and Shiphandling in three levels, Basic, Advanced and ICE navigation.

More courses will be added over time – if you don’t find them below, please email us and you will receive more information.

The simulator at Donsö is of the very latest model with a full mission bridge, cargo and engine room simulator, VR room with fantastic possibilities for good shiphandling courses and 6 workstations that can form their own units.

Common for all the courses at these locations is that we can offer food and lodging in connection with the courses.

Donsö Maritime Training Centre

Korsholmebacke 1, 430 82 Donsö
+46 (0) 708 138 404 | info@dmtc.se

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Donsö Maritime Training Centre AB | Korsholmebacke 1 | SE-430 82 Donsö Sweden

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Donsö Maritime Training Centre AB is registered in Sweden, No. 559432-3239.

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